Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ocean City Getaway

This past weekend, my hubby, two daughters and I went to Ocean City, Maryland, for a nice little mini vacation. The trip began with Haley (who is 16 and now has her driver's license) driving us there. The trip takes about an hour. A very nerve wracking hour for me!!! She did a great job, but still...she's still getting comfortable driving, and I am not comfortable at all! Her Dad was in the front seat coaching, and I sat in the back. Here she is driving:

She got us there safely! The hotel we stayed in was right on the beach with a gorgeous view. We got great off-season rates.

The weather was beautiful! It was sunny the whole time, and warm for two of the days. It cooled down Monday and Tuesday, but was still nice and sunny. We had a great time walking on the beach, shopping along the boardwalk, and just relaxing.

Robert even went swimming in the ocean in November, crazy guy!

The best part? We saw a beautiful sunrise every morning from our comfy room!