Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smiley Bags for Enchanted Makeovers

"Enchanted Makeovers" is a nonprofit organization that does "makeovers" on homeless shelters for women and children.  They make the rooms of run down shelters beautiful with painted murals and handmade and vintage items.  Their mission is "to transform shelters for women and children into an environment that inspires psychological and behavioral change."  The work they do is truly beautiful.  

When I found out about them I wanted to do something to help.  I saw on their Facebook page that they needed people to sew curtains for their latest project - the Detroit Rescue Mission Genesis House.  So I volunteered to make curtains.  I then got an e-mail saying that the curtains had been taken care of, but would I be interested in creating some drawstring bags to give the children in the shelter to keep their things in?  Would I!  Bags are what I do!  So I happily committed to making 20 drawstring bags with smiley faces on the front.  Here's the result:
They are made of brightly colored canvas with felt faces on the front.  Each is lined with a different cotton print.  The lining forms a casing at the top, and each face has a tongue that matches the lining.  Aren't they so cute?

I had so much fun making them.  I hope the children enjoy them as much as I did!

Please visit Enchanted Makeovers' website at to see the wonderful work they do.  And while you're there, consider what you might be able to do to contribute, too!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet 16 Party!

Last week my sweet Rebecca turned 16!  When we asked her what she wanted to do special for her birthday, she said she wanted a party.  So a party we gave her!  We tried to fill it with her favorite things.  Here are some of the highlights of her fabulous Sweet 16 Party:

We decorated in aqua, animal prints, and bright, pretty colors.  I made centerpieces with big tissue paper flowers in spray painted jars and "sweet 16" in painted picture frames.

This girl loves chocolate, so we had chocolate cupcakes and a chocolate fountain.
Haley frosted the cupcakes and I made the cupcake toppers.
Robert hung up the bunches of pretty balloons from the ceiling.
Her party dress was made by me, in her favorite color.

We set up a photo booth with lots of fun props.

I think they had fun!  Happy birthday, Rebecca!