Wednesday, June 15, 2011

T-Shirt Dress for the Summer of No Pants

For my third project for the Summer of No Pants, I decided to make a t-shirt dress.  I wanted something that would go together a lot easier and faster than the last project  I did.  I used a striped t-shirt and a green sheet for this dress.  I shortened the sleeves on the shirt a little bit and cut it off at the place where I wanted the skirt to attach.  I measured the bottom of the shirt and doubled that measurement for the waist of the skirt front and back pieces, and cut out those pieces in an A-line shape.  Then I cut out some pockets, sewed the pockets and skirt together, gathered the top of the skirt, sewed it to the top, and made a sash.  Cute, quick, and comfortable dress!

UPDATE:  The neck on this dress was too high for my didn't look right and it bothered me.  I felt like I was choking!  So I made some bias tape from what I had left of the green sheet, cut down the neckline, and finished it with the bias tape.  I also added bias tape to the sleeve edges.  Here's the result:


  1. Beautiful! I love these two colors together!

  2. Very cute, Donna. Love it.