Wednesday, February 22, 2012

International Spy Museum and Georgetown Cupcake

Last weekend we spent a day in Washington D.C. as a late birthday celebration for Rebecca. (I can't believe she's 15!) She has been wanting to go to the International Spy Museum for a long time...ever since she heard of it! So, she finally got to go.

The subway ride into the city was very quiet, and the city seemed very quiet until we arrived and found a very long line outside the museum.  We got our tickets and waited outside.  We made it inside...and waited some more.  We finally made it to the elevator, and our spy adventure began. 

We were instructed to choose a "cover" identity and we were given a short amount of time memorize the details.  Then we watched an introductory video and were released into the self-guided "spy school", where we learned tips about espionage, were given our secret mission, and saw exhibits with lots of different spy tools and gadgets.  We learned about codes and ciphers, and the very extensive history of spying throughout the different time periods.  It was so interesting!  There were lots of activities and interactive exhibits.  At the end, we were tested to see if we could remember all the details of our mission to complete it.  Let me just say, I was a failure as a spy!  I did not complete my mission.

After the museum, we surprised Rebecca with a trip to Georgetown Cupcake.  This is the little bakery that is featured in a reality show called, "D.C. Cupcake".  Rebecca loves the show, and we thought it would be fun to take her there and try some of their famous cupcakes.  When we got there, we found another line, much longer than the one at the museum.  We waited...and waited...and the cold...for about 45 minutes to an hour...for a cupcake.  Are we insane?!?

Part of the line
We decided it was worth the wait when we got inside the cutest little cupcake shop you have ever seen and tried our delicious cupcakes! 
Haley & Rebecca (Robert in the background) getting ready to buy cupcakes
She loves this show!

Red Velvet...Yum!

Chocolate Lava!

Georgetown Cupcake
Rebecca had a chocolate lava one, Robert had peanut butter chocolate, and Haley and I had red velvet.  And of course, we bought more to enjoy later, too!  Rebecca said the only thing better would have been a visit to Carlo's Bakery from her very favorite show "Cake Boss".  Maybe that one will be next...

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I didn't know about the Spy Museum. Sounds fun.

    Stopping by from the Etsy Blog Team