Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Organized Pantry!

One of my favorite things about our house has always been the lovely pantry.  I love all of the shelves and the quaint, original countertop and cupboards.  My pantry had become very disorganized, the point that I didn't even want to look in there anymore.  Something had to be done!  So, I slowly started organizing.  I'm finally finished, and so happy with the result!
I organized the big cupboard where we keep most of the food by grouping things in plastic bins and a lazy susan.  This cupboard is so deep, and the plastic bins give us easier access to everything without shifting it all around.
On the open shelves I put down pretty red-checked shelf paper.  I gathered all of my miscellaneous glass jars to store beans, rice, flour and sugar.  Don't they look pretty?  I thought chalkboard labels would be cute on the jars, and I decoupaged the mismatched lids with light blue polka dot paper to match the walls.

I got a small chalkboard from Hobby Lobby and mounted it on the food cupboard door to write our weekly menus on, and I painted a little coat rack so I can hang up and display my apron collection.
I love my aprons! And I love my pretty, organized pantry!


  1. It's beautiful! Love the colors--it reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen, gorgeous and well organized.

  2. good job! I wish I had a pantry! LOL

  3. Pantry Envy here! So lovely. I love your chalkboard labels and your color/design choices. That looks so organized and with the aprons proudly displayed and the menu board -- I LOVE IT!!!! Have a blessed Passover!!

  4. I'm so jealous. How awesome is this! I'd love to have a pantry just half as organized as this. Way ta go, Donna! =)
    Kristina J.