Friday, July 6, 2012

Sock Bird

Introducing Sock Bird, my latest design! Isn't he cute? Here's his story:
My parents came to visit us in Delaware from Washington State for Haley's graduation. During their visit, they left their bird in the care of some friends, Justin and Crystal. Mom asked me if I would make something as a little thank you gift for them, so I made some note cards for Crystal, and some cute ribbon bookmarks for their daughter, but I couldn't think of anything for Justin. I asked my girls for ideas, and Haley said, "Mom, you should make a sock bird! It would be so cute!" I said, "Um, not sure I know how to make a sock bird?" Her reply was something like, "Mom. You just make it. You can do it. Easy."  So I did.  And here's the result.

Sock Bird!

1 comment:

  1. That is VERY cute!! It has such a friendly look to it. And goes right along with birdsitting - very clever. That's my attitude too (most of the time), I just assume I can do something until I prove myself wrong. One of these days I want to paint a mural in our bedroom, someone asked me if I had ever painted a mural before and I said no, but nobody said I can't. :)