Thursday, December 5, 2013

Handmade Hanukkah Gifts

Last night we lit all eight Hanukkah candles!  I love to see all of the candles lit, but I'm always a little sad, too, because I really don't want Hanukkah to be over.  I really love this holiday.  (Want to know why I love it so much?  Click HERE to read my post "Why I Love Hanukkah")

This year I made some Hanukkah gifts again, although not quite as many as last year.  I think it's just so nice to share a handmade gift with someone you love!

For my Mom and Dad I made this Hanukkah bunting to help make their holiday festive.

Dad wanted a friend for the sock bird that I made for his birthday, so I made this sock monkey for him.
For my mom and Robert's mom I made lavender scented soy candles in teacups.
And for Robert's mom I made this sweet little zippered pouch in the shape of a doxie.
For Rebecca: one of my "Violet May" ruffled shoulder bags featuring her favorite color.
And for Haley: a Bible cover made with different Star of David fabrics.
For Robert I made a zippered bag to carry his tallit to and from Shabbat services.
And Robert, Haley, and Rebecca all got reversible fabric bookmarks. Here's one side:
 and here's the other side:
I didn't forget the kitty cats! They each got a catnip filled fish shaped toy. They LOVE their new fish toys!

Haley and Rebecca both made some gifts this year, too, including some peppermint goat milk oatmeal soap that Haley made.  She gave "Haley's Goatmeal Soap" to her grandparents and to friends from the Messianic fellowship we attend.  Her goatmeal soap smells so good!
Handmade gifts are so fun to make!
Happy Hanukkah!


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  1. Donna these were all wonderful gifts and ideas! Love mom EZ