Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Machine!

My new sewing machine is here! Yay! My old Singer quit working last week. I guess it was being overworked and was just, well, old. So I found a good deal on for a refurbished Brother machine. I had intended to stick with the very basic one, but this one was such a good deal that I couldn't resist going a step up. Hopefully it won't be a mistake to get a refurbished one. I did get the extra insurance, though, so I should be safe. So far, it works great! It's quiet, smooth, and has some cool features, like automatic threading and a one-step buttonhole. I think I love it ♥


  1. I am excited for you! My precious daughter would love to sew; poor girl, her mama can barely sew buttons back on when they get loose. And homemade dresses, oooh, how cute that would be! Have fun cuz! love your bags too! adorable!


  2. Thanks, Sheri! Ooo, I love homemade dresses. I used to make them for my girls when they still allowed me to dress them alike sometimes :)