Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun With Superstars!

This week I have been busy teaching a class to some of the Central Elementary "Superstars". This school is a balanced calendar school, where they start school earlier in the year, end later, and have more breaks in between. During some of the breaks, they have "intersession" classes. These classes are both educational and fun, and many are taught by volunteers in the me!

My class for this session was called "Jean Fun".

I taught my third grade students how to make fun things out of old jeans.

We made a drawstring "Superstar Lunch Sack" out of the leg of the jeans, and we sewed yellow felt stars on our bags.

We made coasters out of the hems and seams of the jeans.

We also made braided bracelets, flowers with button centers, and bookmarks.

My students all did a great job cutting, gluing, and learning to sew.

We had a lot of fun making cool things with our old jeans!

P.S. I am assured by the principal (my husband) that it is okay to post pictures of the students on my blog, since all of their parents/guardians have signed a release.


  1. Now what you need to post are step by step instructions for some of these fun projects!

  2. Great idea! I'll have to get to work on that...