Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ready for Spring...and Skirts!

For the past two weeks, my family and I have been dealing with a yucky flu-type virus, and we are all still trying to recover. I'm finally starting to feel normal again, and the weather for the past few days has been beautiful. I'm ready for spring! I'm also ready for skirts! I LOVE skirts, and last summer I decided that this year I will wear more skirts. They are comfortable, cool, feminine and oh, so cute! And there's an added bonus: skirts are easy to make. I've always been intimidated by making my own clothing and getting it to actually fit, but I'm pretty confident I can do a skirt. I recently purchased these two books to help me along:

The first, "Sew Serendipity" by Kay Whitt, includes patterns and has a section on custom fitting, which looks like it will be very helpful. It has directions for several skirts, which are all variations of the same basic skirt, but they are very cute. There are also several variations of a tunic or dress (also adorable), and some jackets that I will definitely not be making. These are the high waisted, weird sleeve length types of jackets that would make me feel either very little girlish, or pregnant. I am not looking to accomplish either of these looks, so I will not be using the jacket patterns from this book. But the skirts and dresses are a definite yes!

The other book, "Sew What! Skirts" by Francesca Denhartog and Carol Ann Camp, shows you how to make skirts without a pattern. It guides you along making your own basic pattern for several types of skirts, and gives you ideas for your own designer touches. I love this book! I think I will be making quite a few skirts with it, and I am going to begin with this bright and fun fabric:

I can't wait to start wearing the cute skirts I'm going to make! And, yes, I will wear them everywhere, including trips to Wal-Mart, where everyone else is in sweats or pajamas (seriously, pajamas???). I don't care. I will wear skirts!


  1. Thanks for sharing the book reviews, I think I am going to have to go out and buy Sew What! Skirts. I never wear skirts, but they could be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe.

  2. I love skirts too!! This post really makes me wish i knew how to sew! Someday!!

  3. id love to see the inside of the sew serendipity book! im very tempted to buy

  4. Hearthandmade, if you go to http://www.amazon.com/Sew-Serendipity-Fresh-Pretty-Designs/dp/1440203571/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1298740574&sr=1-1#_
    they have a "look inside" feature.