Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrift Shop Treasures

I love a great thirft shop find! Here are my latest treasures, and I found them all in one place! First, my eye caught this Hanukkah mug for 50 cents. The original tag said $9.99! I wish there was more than just one! Then I found this gorgeous aqua springy swingy skirt that was calling my name. Remember my declaration that I will wear more skirts? Well, this one will get me started off beautifully. And I can wear it with these fabulous leopard print peep toe pumps! Well, sometimes anyway. The heels are pretty high, but I couldn't pass them up. And my favorite thrift store items are always the books. My house is filled with great thrifted reading material! I rarely pay full price for a book (unless it's for a gift). This time we found five nice hardbacks to take home. Quite a successful shopping trip!


  1. I love thrifting..around here the thrift stores are pretty Dollar Store. I like to go when I am elsewhere. Those pumps are cool..skirt too!

  2. I love that mug!!! Very cute. Not sure I could walk in those heels though... :(
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so pleased you like my card.