Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Hamentashen Story

My daughter, Haley, came home from school and told me this story.  I asked her if I could share it, because I love it when even the tiny details of our lives are touched by the hand of God!  If you read my previous post, you know that, for the holiday of Purim, my family likes to make hamentashen and give them to friends.  Hamentashen are delicious triangle shaped cookies said to represent Haman's hat (or ears, depending on who you ask).  So, this year we made two batches of hamentashen (we had to have enough for us to eat, too!).  We packaged many of them in cute little bags tied with curly ribbons, with a tag attached explaining a little about what they are.  One of these little bags was to go to Haley's Spanish teacher.  He likes to learn about other cultures and traditions, and we had promised him some hamentashen.  She took the bag to his classroom in the morning, and he was nowhere to be found, so she placed it on his desk so it wouldn't get crushed in her locker.  Later, when she went to Spanish class, she found that there was a substitute teacher that day.  The teacher said, "Haley, is this hamentashen for ME?".  Haley, knowing this teacher and her history, answered, "Yes!".  You see, Haley had this lady as a long-term substitute last year, and they had many discussions about faith and religion.  She is Jewish!  Her mother is a concentration camp survivor.  This year at Purim she didn't get to have any hamentashen because she and her husband hadn't made their usual trip to Washington D.C. to buy some.  You need to understand that where we live in Delaware, there is no local bakery who would even know what hamentashen is.  There is no local synagogue and no kosher deli.  You can count the number of Jewish families on one hand.  So, to have this Jewish lady be Haley's substitute Spanish teacher on the day she brought in hamentashen is quite a "coincidence"!  She was absolutely thrilled, and said that Haley made her day.  She couldn't wait to take the hamentashen home to her daughter.  I think it is so amazing when the Father works in our everyday circumstances to bless others!  What a demonstration of His great love and compassion!