Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparation Day Has a Whole New Meaning!

At our house, Friday is Preparation Day, as it is in many Messianic and Jewish homes.  We prepare for the Sabbath by cleaning the house and preparing food for the next day so we can have a peaceful day of rest.  Today Preparation Day had a whole new meaning.  We are awaiting and preparing for Hurricane Irene.  Irene is supposed to hit our area sometime tomorrow and stick around until Sunday.  We spent the day preparing for her arrival.  My husband is away, across the country for his grandmother's memorial, so it's just the girls and me.  Having never prepared for a hurricane, I hope we are ready.  We have food and water, flashlights, an ice chest and a radio.  We moved all of the outside furniture, flower pots, etc. into the garage so they don't turn into flying projectiles in the wind.  We are packing a backpack for each of us just in case we might have to leave quickly, and we'll be filling the bathtub with water. 

I am really hoping that none of this will be necessary, and Irene will change course or something.  I'm sure this is wishful thinking, but we will see.  In the meantime, we are as prepared as we're going to be, so we wait...


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  1. I will pray for all of you in the hurricanes path. stay safe and God will see you through .