Thursday, August 4, 2011

My New Old Machine

Yesterday I found one of the best thrift shop finds ever!  I was driving by a local thrift store and decided to make a quick stop.  Just after we walked in, my daughter Rebecca said, "Mom, look! They have old sewing machines!"  Later, I returned to the store, husband in tow, and he bought me the gorgeous machine pictured above and lugged it out to the van and then into the house for me.  (Thanks, honey!)  I love it.  It was made in 1952, so it's electric, and it seems to be in great working condition.  It's in a cute cabinet that folds up to look like a little table. I figured out how to thread it, and it sews oh, so quietly.  Now I am looking for an instruction manual for this model so I can learn how to make adjustments and oil and care for it properly.  Someday I still would like to get an old treadle machine, but in the meantime I am so happy with my beautiful old machine! 


  1. Great find!!! I love old sewing machines… Good luck finding that manual. It has got to be out there somewhere!

  2. you're so lucky!
    What a score! And that's the very sweet treat from your husband :)


  3. What a great find! I would love to have one of them! I'm not into antique or vintage but I would jump on bringing that home if I saw it!

  4. maybe if you contact singer they might be able to help you with that manual . i found your blog through elle mentals . Im glad to be aboard .