Friday, September 23, 2011

You Are Beautiful!

Have you heard of Operation Beautiful?  Here's the idea:  you post anonymous notes in public places like restrooms, fitting rooms, inside library books, etc.  The notes should say positive things like "You are beautiful!", or anything else you can think of to make someone smile, boost their confidence, or just make their day a little brighter.  I think this is such a great idea!  In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of the way we are "supposed" to look, we need to remember that we are beautiful just the way God made us.  We need all the reminders we can get!

I left my first two notes today in the Walmart ladies room.  I placed one inside a stall (pictured above), and the other on the mirror.  I didn't take a picture of the one on the mirror, because I was afraid of getting "caught" doing my good deed.  It was so much fun! 

If you would like to participate, here's a link to the Operation Beautiful website. You can send in photos of notes that you post or notes that you find. And there is also a book Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it at a Time.  I haven't read it yet, but it's definitely on my to-read list.

Will you join me and Operation Beautiful, and take a few minutes out of your day to spread a little sunshine?  I hope you do.  And, don't forget, YOU are beautiful!

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