Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book Review: What the Bible Says About Healthy Living

How is it that this book was published in 1996, and I am just now reading it?  I'm not sure how it escaped my attention, but  What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell, M.D. is a must read for anyone interested in being healthy.  Dr. Russell begins by telling us a little about himself; he is a diabetic (juvenile onset), and he and his family were generally just not in good health.  He came to the realization that the Designer of the human body must know how to keep the body healthy, and that Designer even left instructions for us!  He takes his three principles straight from the Bible: 
  • Principle 1:  Eat the foods God created for you.
  • Principle 2:  Don't alter God's design.
  • Principle 3:  Don't let any food or drink become your god.
He then explains the benefits of keeping these principles, and the consequences to our bodies if we fail to follow them.  This book is concise and easy to understand.  It is full of interesting and useful information.  I have been attempting to change the way my family and I eat for a while now, and this book reinforced what I already knew and also gave me some facts and information that I didn't know.  I am now motivated to be much more careful about what we put into our bodies, and I'm ready to go turn my back yard into one huge garden!  This book has a companion cook book, which is now at the top of my book wish list: What the Bible Says About Healthy Living Cookbook.  One of the authors of the cookbook, Hope Egan, also has a book out called Holy Cow! Does God Care About What We Eat?, which I have also read and highly reccommend.
Now, as soon as the weather starts cooperating, you will find me and my family in the back yard...


  1. Hi, Donna. You're so sweet! Since you're passionate about spreading good information, I'd love to bless you with an e-copy of the cookbook until someone buys you the hard copy. :) There's a form on my website you can fill out and it will come right to me. Blessings on your journey!!

  2. Hope, thank you!!! I appreciate that SO much! Blessings back to you :)

  3. This is so crazy! My dad read this book when it came out and was such an avid fan, we literally altered the way we ate in my house and I still apply those things with my three children today! How cool, huh? =)
    Kristina J.