Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Week: Favorite Places, Yard Labor, and Center Stage

Last week was spring break for us. In years past, we have gone away on various vacations, but this year was a little different.  We had a lovely visit from my mother-in-law for most of the week, and we took her to some of our favorite places.  In the photo above, we are standing (with the sun in our eyes) at the beach at beautiful Cape Henlopen, a place we love.  We'll be camping there in June, and we can't wait!  We also took a day trip to another favorite: Mount Vernon.  Such history and beauty there!  We happened to walk by the area where they keep the sheep when they were feeding the little lambs.  They were so cute, wagging their little tails as they ate!
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is another place we love to visit, so we drove up there to visit our favorite tourist traps and a few out of the way places, too.  It's always a nice, refreshing change of pace to be among the horses and buggies, clotheslines, and plainly dressed families.  We took a different route home, and visited the Delaware Welcome Center where "Postcards From Delaware" is located.  I found a pleasant surprise as I entered the shop: my bags now have a center display!  They used to be back in a corner, but now they have center stage!
The rest of the week was spent working outside.  The whole family was put to work (even Haley's boyfriend), except Mom Z.  She offered to help, but we told her to sit and relax and enjoy a book.  Now we have a big garden in the back yard, another little herb garden, nice neat flowerbeds, a clean garage, and a new clothesline! 
What a great week! 


  1. Those lambs are so cute! Have you ever been to Shady Maple in lancaster? Great food and some of the most "interesting" wall dioramams.

  2. Yes, we have been to Shady Maple! Love it!